I fell in love with Pilates

Wow, it's the end of the first challenge! 14 workouts in 14 days to get you falling in love with Pilates!! From the feedback, I think you all have! It has been wonderful hearing how it has helped you feel energised, less stiff and feel more aligned. These answers are what I was aiming for.

In a chaotic time as well, I wanted to create a session of routines for you that allowed yourself to have some YOU time- for you to log in onto the computer, step on to the mat and leave feeling centred. As much as lockdown has forced us to take a pause in the fast paced world we all live in, it still can be easy to fall into the trap of just work work work and give no time for yourself. By doing a little movement each day that involves breath and lengthening of the muscles, you are investing in yourself, helping release any tension and relieve any stress.

We invest in hair, makeup and clothes to feel and look good. So why not invest in moving the body? We only have one, it will always the same one, so lets give it that love and attention it deserves. I promise you, health and wellbeing is the best investment you can give yourself.

Once you have fallen in love with Pilates, there is no going back. Pilates will always be there to support you whether that is to help you find calm, or to pick yourself up! It is the perfect compliment to add to a busy schedule, helping you find length to stand up tall again, or to fire up the core to get you feeling determined!

Pilates isn't just for 14 days. It is for life.



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