Hello! Lets glow!!

Hello, I am Chloe! The creator of Get the glow with Chlo!

The name comes from my instagram blog, which I started 5 years ago. Originally called 'Cook clean with Chlo' it was a blog to document my journey to eating well and creating new recipes! After a year I soon realised that it wasn't 'eating clean' that made me feel good, it was a combo of balanced food, fun, fitness and happiness. This is when I changed the name to 'Get the glow with Chlo'- aiming to fill my life with all my favourite things that will benefit my wellbeing. Now my mission is to inspire others to live their best lives and help them glow inside and out.

I always say, what is the point in doing something that you don't enjoy? A lot of people think of exercise and eating well as boring and an 'effort' but what I have learnt over the years is it doesn't have to be like that.

There are so many options out there, find the thing that YOU enjoy, not what everyone else is doing on instagram. You also don't have to 'kill' your body to get results, a simple walk or a nice stretch is just as beneficial to your well being and fitness journey.

Choose the workout that is right for you. There are so many fitness options out there that there is no point doing something that doesn't motivate you. Dance, yoga, pilates, running, boxing, swimming, a nice walk.... the list goes on... !! There is something out there for everyone.

Also you may find that one day you may be up for that 10k run, another day you may just need a simple stretch and this is ok! Listening to what your body is the first step to feeling that glow!

It is the same with food. If you deprive yourself from something, you will just want it more. It is all about moderation and being mindful of what you are having.

Instead of thinking 'healthy food is boring, think of it as an opportunity to cook something new, getting creative and learning new recipes. Again, you will surprise yourself as you will learn to love new flavours and discover the benefits it will have on your energy levels.

If you are wanting to enhance your wellbeing, but unsure how to.. start today!!

1- Write down what you feel you could benefit from

e.g whether that is energy levels, fitness levels, wellness levels

2-Write one thing you are going to add to each day for 1 week

e.g drinking a glass of water each morning before coffee, trying a new recipe, going for a walk

3- Each Day write down 3 things you have achieved and 3 things you are grateful for

e.g In a note pad before bed :)

Keep this going for as long as you want to! It is time to feel the glow!

Lots of love,

Chlo xxx

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