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' Pilates is complete co ordination of body, mind and spirit' Joseph Pilates

Pilates helps lengthen and strengthen the body, helps improve posture and reduces the chance of injury.  You will take the endless benefits of Pilates with you into your day to day live. I used to think Pilates was boring... but it doesn't have to be and let me tell you why. By combining a flow element to to the class, you are not only getting the benefits from the pilates exercises, but you are also getting a class that helps the body sustain focus, feel energised and rejuvenated head to toe. This is what I aim for with the Get the Glow with Chlo Classes.By combining my dance flow skills to the Pilates exercises the class is fun and perfect to add to your weekly schedule.

I offer an ON DEMAND service for you to do Pilates wherever and whenever! They are a perfect compliment to add to your day.

Each workout includes progressions and regressions to suit you on your fitness journey.

I also offer a LIVE class with my memberships, to really check in with your technique and execution of exercises! As well as say hello :)

Pilates plank

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Qualified PT

Personal Training

Time to be a glow getter and reach for those goals! I coach through 1-1 personal training sessions, tailored to your needs and goals.

These sessions are a perfect check in on technique and will take your fitness to the next level. 1-1 sessions are currently held via zoom, so you are in the comfort of your own home!