Meet Chloe

Get the glow with Chlo

Hello, I'm Chloe!

Hello I'm Chloe! Originally from the Midlands, I moved to London 10 years ago to train as a Musical Theatre Performer! Since then I have been lucky enough to perform across the world! A career highlight for me was performing in the Musical Mamma Mia!


One of my favourite things to do is go for a long walk and grab a coffee! I love dogs, brunch and discovering new places! I have recently got a bike, so cycling could be added to the list soon... we shall see!

Being a professional Performer is what led me to start my fitness career! Looking after your body is vital to sustaining a long career and I love all things to do with wellness and positivity!


I currently work at various studios across London, coaching classes in Dance, HIIT & Pilates and mobilisation. I also teach online for various corporate companies & 1-1 clients.

For me, what I love most about teaching & fitness is meeting new people and making a difference to their lives- whether that's in person or over the computer. I aim to make the individuals fitness journey enjoyable! By creating those healthy habits in a joyful way, it will make the goals achievable and most importantly sustainable. 

Lets aim to fill our lives with the things that make us GLOW!


My  Mission in a nut shell

To help you achieve your goals and motivate you to glow inside out! Spreading positivity into the workout so you learn to LOVE your body as well as LOVE the feeling you get after a workout!